Master List

  Advanced Ceramics
  Artistic Dental Design
  Authentic Dental Laboratory
  Centric Laboratories Inc.
  Desert Cities Dental Laboratory
  Gagliano Dental Lab
  Imperial Crowns Dental Lab
  Marotta Dental Studio
  Medallion Dental Labs
  Mrazek Prosthodontics
  Nastech Dental Laboratory
  Natural Creations International
  Oral Prosthetics by Design Inc.
  Preferred Dental Ceramics, Inc.
  Ragle Dental Laboratory, Inc.
  Secret Aesthetics, Inc.
  Sharp Dental Lab Inc
  V2 Ceramics
  Van Gurps Custom Dental Studio
  Westdent Dental Laboratories

United Dental Resources surveyed over 1000 U.S. dental laboratories in search of America's highest quality dental laboratories. Our goal was to identify at least 20 of the highest quality dental labs in America. The survey was conducted using the following criteria to qualify the listed Dental Laboratories;"

Advanced Education & Training Courses at Nationally Recognized Institutions

Advanced Education and Training with Nationally Recognized Instructors

An Ongoing Commitment to Advanced Continuing Education at Nationally Recognized Institutions

Availability and Usage of Advanced Technology Products and Services

Cosmetic Oriented Product List and Fee Schedule Consistent with a Low-volume High-Quality Dental Laboratory.

Each Dental Laboratory owner was personally interviewed to ensure that their laboratory upholds the highest standards of quality and education within the dental laboratory industry.

We are confident that the laboratories listed here represent the highest quality laboratories and laboratory services available in the Dental Industry.

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