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Van Gurps Custom Dental Studio

Profile Information For Van Gurps Custom Dental Studio
Lab Type Full Service
Contact Person Howard Van Gurp CDT
Email Address customdentalstudio@yahoo.com
Address 6512 Springvale Drive
Phone Number 412-655-8766
City Pittsburgh
State PA
Zip Code 15236
Web Address
Products & Services
• Bruxism Appliances
• Flexite Partials
• Full Dentures
• Implant Restorations
• Over Dentures
• Partial Dentures
• Partial Frames
• Precision Attachment Restorations
• Cristobol
• Full Gold Crowns
• Implant Restorations
• Lava
• Porcelain Veneers
• Precision Attachment Restorations
• Provisional Restorations
• Zirconia Crowns
• Injectable Dentures
• Night Guards
• Authentic Pressable Ceramics
• Authentic Pressed to Metal
• Layered Zirconia
• Press to Zirconia
• 24K Gold Electroform
• Diagnostic Waxup
Institutional Training
Member AACD, Press to Zirconia Kent Kohli Darby Dental, Total Team Advantage Burns/Jones, An Aesthetic Approavh to Cosmetic Dentistry Jones, The Beauty of A Smile Trinkner/ Roberts, Anterior Aesthetic & Contour Roberts,Authentic Press To Metal Lindke, Authentic Advanced Ceramics Lindke, Advanced Ceramics Tourville,Reproducing Natual Opalescence Kersten. Advanced BelleGlass Helvey,Branemark Osseointergrated Implants Taylor, Spectra system Implants Thayer, Advanced Precision Milling Heachler, EPF Dentures Wolfe,FRS Flexible Dentures Dentsply,Ticonium RPD Technique, U.S. Navy Dental Laboratory Program 1979,U.S. Navy Dental Assistant Program 1978, Retired 21 year Navy Dental Laboratory technician working for numerous prosthodontist, retired 25 year technical advisor and instructor working with several board certified prosthodontist at the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Howard has been an intrigule part of my dental technical educational understanding over the past nineteen years. His commitment, passion and creativity in the field of Dentistry is observed when evaluating the natural looking restorations inserted in the oral enviroment by the clinician, staff and the patient's who are ecstatic at the completed result. Howard is a vital part of my asthetic team. He is a person who will make a difference and help you build your aesthetic cosmetic practice to the level you desire. You want Howard on your asthetic team.

Frank DeCaro DMD

Howard has been the number one team member on all my more complex cosmetic cases. In fact, when I want my cases done absolutely, positively right, he always get's the job. His meticulous attention to detail and concern for a sterling outcome has contributed immensely to my ever increasing cosmetic practice. My patients and their family members rave about how natural and beautiful their teeth look. Howard has mentored me and given me the superb support I needed to build my cosmetic practice. I know he will do the same for you.

Kenneth D. Guess D.D.S

Owners Personal Statement
Van Gurp's Custom Dental Studio is a qaulity orianted boutique dental studio that specializes in asthetic reconstruction and combination reconstuction prosthesis.We use the best products available and use nothing but current pressable techniques to fabricate our fixed restorations. We believe in forging strong bonds of communication with our clients so together we can merge our dental teams into one. We believe working together as a team we can fabricate natural looking prosthesis for the client we serve together. This approach has helped us develop and impliment a systematic approach in both the clinical and laboratory procedures of client treatment. Following these procedures saves on adjustments and chairtime through out the clinical and laboratory fabrication process. It also helps our team insert the highest quality dentistry we desire to achieve. This approach has been developed over twenty-eight years of participating in the insertions of prosthesis in the clinical enviroment. We believe we are only as good as the total team helps us to be. In today's times of rapidly changing technology we believe in making informed decisions and strive to be on the cutting edge of quality technology. Thank you for any consideration. Howard Van Gurp CDT

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